A very good friend of mine quit his high paying, glamourous, sport related job in Switzerland to become a secondary school teacher. Now he’s happier in his work than he’s ever been. When I talked to him about his decision he said “I always just assumed everyone enjoyed school and wanted to be a teacher. It never really occurred to me that there’d be a gap and I should just pursue it because I wanted to.”

I laughed at how absurd my friend was. Of course not everyone wants to be a teacher, I know I’d hate it.

Then a few months later I was thinking about this again and it suddenly occurred to be that I was doing the same thing. I assumed everyone wanted to do what I wanted to do. Because I enjoy creative direction; hearing, telling and retelling stories and taking fragile ideas and nurturing them to into life – I assumed everyone would. Just like my friend I had assumed everyone would be looking to do the same sort of jobs, projects or tasks as I was.

Once I realised this for myself (only several months after my friend specifically told me) I understood that I shouldn’t be shy about offering to do what I wanted and partnering with people who had complimentary skills as well as similar ones. For me it became looking for opportunities to help people with creative ideas. Because not everyone has the same dream as me. Or, to think about it from my friend’s perspective, not everyone wants to be a teacher.

What do you enjoy doing more than anyone else you know? Let me know in the comments below.

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