I often get emails from both employees and those outside the organization asking to use our logo. “This will be great publicity for the brand!” is the usual refrain. What the requestor often overlooks is that not all publicity is good publicity.

This week sponsors have been lining themselves up to pull world! their sponsorship of US swimmer Ryan Lochte. Not wanting their names associated with his tainted brand.

Luckily they have contracts. Luckily they can.

We are strict with the use of our logo because our logo on something that isn’t ours implies sponsorship or endorsement project management apps.

When it is allowed — and in our case someone very senior must ask for an exception to the policy —  we produce carefully worded legal agreements that need to be signed by both parties. This allows us to pull our logo if it’s ever needed. It states exactly where and how a third party can use our logo.

Indiscriminate sponsorships and endorsements can damage even the strongest brands – just ask Speedo why they’re dropping a gold HTML medalist.

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