Not everyone wants to be a teacher

A very good friend of mine quit his high paying, glamourous, sport related job in Switzerland to become a secondary school teacher. Now he’s happier in his work than he’s ever been. When I talked to him about his decision he said “I always just assumed everyone enjoyed school and wanted to be a teacher. […]

Getting good at getting good feedback

In my last blog I talked about how to give good feedback. But, of course, feedback needs to work both ways. If you’re asking for feedback then you’re asking for someone’s considered opinion. Because of their experience, their knowledge or their skill you’re asking them for help. If you’re simply asking them to rubberstamp something […]

What’s the story?

So, there’s this guy. He wants to propose to his girlfriend in a fun way. They met through “a popular dating app” so he decides to create his own app that mimics it and leads her through a series of clues until she arrives at the proposal. But of course, he’s not an app developer. […]

Find your inspiration

“Where do you get your inspiration from?” The thing I’ve been asked most since I started this blog. (Ok, probably still my number one question is “can I use the logo here” but this is coming in second.)  It’s hard question to answer – inspiration can really come from anywhere – but for me there […]

Take the Y out of yours

Many years ago I used to work as a video producer/editor or what we used to call “Predators”. I was involved in the whole process of the video from the script, lighting and camera work. Then doing all the post production myself: editing in Premier and doing all the motion graphics in After Effects. Subtitling. […]

Check. Double check. Check again.

Full disclosure: Arsenal fan. What’s more annoying than reading copy you’ve already read? Advertising campaigns that include spelling mistakes and bizarre capitalization. Going out in your name. That’s the reality for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club this week who’ve released a campaign on the London Underground that includes two different incorrect spellings of the word “premium”.  As […]

Rules are made to be interpreted

For any type of marketing there’s going to be some in house rules. There has to be. Often these are obvious: use the logo, include the URL. Sometimes they are a matter of style. Don’t crop the logo or, format the URL: not: . Occasionally they are more important and could have legal ramifications: don’t let others trade off our brand and […]