Take the Y out of yours

Many years ago I used to work as a video producer/editor or what we used to call “Predators”. I was involved in the whole process of the video from the script, lighting and camera work. Then doing all the post production myself: editing in Premier and doing all the motion graphics in After Effects. Subtitling. [...]

5 things we can learn from the worst Pepsi ad ever

By now you’ve probably seen the Pepsi Kendall Jenner ad, probably the worst advert I’ve ever seen. It’s so bad I honestly thought it was a spoof. Especially when I saw a protest sign saying “Join the conversation”. There are lots of great and entertaining articles out there pointing out the flaws, but as marketers what can we [...]

Learn to swim. Online!

Imagine a world where you learn to swim online. You take snackable swim lessons on your commute. Gamify your progress. By watching “An Intro to swimming: getting into the pool.” You get 20 points. You can exchange 100 points for a swim hat. At some point you’ve watched all the videos. You’ve even taken the [...]

Check. Double check. Check again.

Full disclosure: Arsenal fan. What’s more annoying than reading copy you’ve already read? Advertising campaigns that include spelling mistakes and bizarre capitalization. Going out in your name. That’s the reality for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club this week who’ve released a campaign on the London Underground that includes two different incorrect spellings of the word “premium”.  As [...]

Rules are made to be interpreted

For any type of marketing there’s going to be some in house rules. There has to be. Often these are obvious: use the logo, include the URL. Sometimes they are a matter of style. Don’t crop the logo or, format the URL: www.likethis.com not: http://www.likethis.com/ . Occasionally they are more important and could have legal ramifications: don’t let others trade off our brand and [...]

10 things in 10 years

This year I have been working in marketing for 10 years. Wow. I’m getting older. As a special Christmas present I’d like to share with you my 10 most important lessons from those 10 years. If you’re getting started in your career then maybe they’ll help. Happy Christmas. Stop being so formal. I quickly had [...]