Some people have brand in their title. Others don’t. Some people are receptionists, salesmen or in HR. Others work in marketing. Every one of them are all responsible for the brand.

For example you might want to make your brand seem folksy and fun. You spend lots of money designing fun packaging, you get your brand voice spot on and deliver a great ad campaign.

Then you invite a group of customers to your offices. They walk into reception to be ignored by the receptionist talking on the phone and see a HR representative reprimanding a junior staff member for being 5 minutes late. They then get shuttled into a windowless room for pushy sales pitch from a brisk salesman.

That was not the folksy and innocent “Pop in for a coffee and a chat” experience they were expecting.

We must behave the way we’re hoping to be seen in the marketplace. If we want to be trusted we must demonstrate that we can be.

You can tell everyone in the world that you’re a comedian but they’ll only believe you once you make them laugh.

Published by Ben Melton

Brand manager. Explorer. Pizza eater.

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