Embrace. Don’t outsmart.

I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a lot of smart people. At Cisco I work with some incredibly talented teams. Some of my friends are university lecturers, teachers and small business owners. My fiancée has a doctorate in micro-biology. But the really smart ones? They’re the ones who can explain what it is they […]

Removing cats eyes and other cultural quirks

A foreigner driving through Britain might see this sign and become a little distressed. Not only does it seem that this peculiar island nation is plucking the eyeballs from our feline friends, it also looks like they’re proudly advertising the fact on the side of a road. I thought the British were supposed to love […]

Check. Double check. Check again.

Full disclosure: Arsenal fan. What’s more annoying than reading copy you’ve already read? Advertising campaigns that include spelling mistakes and bizarre capitalization. Going out in your name. That’s the reality for Tottenham Hotspur Football Club this week who’ve released a campaign on the London Underground that includes two different incorrect spellings of the word “premium”.  As […]