Imagine a world where you learn to swim online. You take snackable swim lessons on your commute. Gamify your progress. By watching “An Intro to swimming: getting into the pool.” You get 20 points.

You can exchange 100 points for a swim hat.

At some point you’ve watched all the videos. You’ve even taken the quiz and got a passing mark of 80%. 16 out of 20. Sure, maybe that tricky question about butterfly stumped you, but you’ve got the certificate! You’ve got the digital badge for your social profile and everything. Now you are a swimmer.

So, drive down to Dover. Jump in. And start front crawling toward Calais.

No, of course not. 10 videos and a multiple choice quiz don’t make you a swimmer. To really become one you have to at least get your feet wet. Put time in at the pool. Learn to keep kicking until you make 5 meters, 25 meters and more.

You have to keep putting in the hours if you want to make it across the channel.

Yet, we still keep attempting to teach skills as if they are something that can be learnt while eating a sandwich and replying to an email.

We create training that is short. Simple. Snackable. Scalable. Fun. Memorable.

But you’re not going to learn graphic design by scanning one infographic. You’re not going to learn presentation skills by watching one Ted talk. And you’re certainly not going to learn storytelling by answering multiple choice questions about famous authors.

These may give you a good introduction but to really learn you need to start designing, start presenting and starting telling stories. You need to start swimming.

You can stick to the shallow end to start. But start. Learn by doing.

What your favourite online training? Let me know in the comments below.

Published by Ben Melton

Brand manager. Explorer. Pizza eater.

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