When that popped up on my instant messenger last week it didn’t feel like the start of a conversation. It made me feel like I was being bellowed at. It didn’t feel like it was a question. It felt like they were barking an order (and I don’t even like tea).

When we write to our customers in an email, on social media, or in a piece Skirt of collateral like a video or a print ad we’re looking to ganhar start 2015) a conversation with them. We New want to hear back from them and begin post a dialogue. So we wholesale jerseys need to remember that we are humans communicating with humans and we should write how we speak.

And we wouldn’t get very far yelling face to face.

That’s why I always advise that when writing — be it a headline, a call to action or anything else — you always use lower case.

Now, how about some coffee?

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